Welcome to the website of award-winning mystery author Dan Anderson.

Over the years, mysteries have been categorized into various categories to assist the reader in selecting those books to which they have a decided preference. The majority of mysteries fall into one of five categories: police procedurals, Gothics, hard-boiled, psychological, and “cozies.”

The mysteries of Dan Anderson, however, almost defy attempts at sub-genre identification. Each mystery in the Chauncey McFadden Chronicles is a creative tour-de-force, showing why Dan is one of the most fascinating and entertaining voices in the mystery field today. Each installment in this acclaimed series is a serious, literate mystery written in a humorous vein. Readers are introduced to a new voice, and quickly discover how much fun reading can be in the hands of an  irreverent craftsman. His mysteries have been cited as soaring in originality and entertainment value, and for being more than great mysteries—great fiction as well.

We hope you enter this portal into Dan’s wonderful world of mysteries. Once inside, you’ll be enticed into a world of vividly drawn characters that jump off the pages and grab you by the throat, with plots as seductive and deadly as quicksand.

Dan loves to hear from his readers and fans. He can be contacted via online messaging services and social media sites: dananderson305@gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Warning: Once inside, you may never want to leave.


All of Dan’s mysteries have been optioned by a Hollywood Entertainment Company to be made into movies. Stay tune for further updates and developments!

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