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Dan PicDan Anderson was born in Vidalia, Georgia—“The Onion Capital of the World.”  His family moved to Florida at an early age to escape the stress of living in such a famous place.

His fascination with humor was prompted by his election as Wittiest Senior in his high school (he was too chubby for Most Athletic, too ugly for Most popular, and too dumb for Most Likely to Succeed).

Following graduation, he bluffed his way through college thanks to curricula outlines (think Cliff’s Notes) and buying the notes of students who had actually attended class.  After college, he was drafted by the army and served with the Americal Infantry Division in Vietnam.  However, he was shipped back to the states when it became apparent that his lethargic military skills had no discernible positive impact upon the war.  On a more positive note, he obtained his MBA by milking the G. I. Bill until his educational benefits ran out.

Forced to seek employment, and lacking demonstrable talents, he found a career with excellent pay and low demands:  an executive position with a large financial corporation.  When it became evident that he was an imposter in the area of leadership, decision-making and organizational development, he was downsized (a polite business euphemism for being fired).

He then wandered into investment sales with another company and became wildly successful.  This was a surprise to his colleagues since he rarely showed up at the office and scheduled few client appointments to avoid overtaxing himself and interfering with his afternoon naps.

Having honed his writing skills completing unemployment applications and fictitious resumes, it was only natural that he would become an author of fiction.  He took early retirement and took up writing on a full-time basis. Bad Vibrations, his first mystery, won multiple literary awards including  the Books and Authors Best Mystery Book of the Year, the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Award , First Place–Best Published Mystery and the Independent Publishers IPPY Book Award—Silver Medal, Best Regional Fiction.

His second novel, Death Cruise is following in the footsteps of his predecessor in terms of literary recognition. It has been the recipient of the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Award—First Place, Best Unpublished Mystery and the Royal Dragonfly Book Award—2nd Place, Mystery.

Dan’s third mystery, Vietnam Vindication, continues the escapades of his unlikely protagonist. This installment, long awaited by mystery mavens, has already begun igniting critical acclaim.

In Dan’s fourth mystery, Death by Downsizing, bodies are falling left and right and the only common link is that the victims were former employees of a large insurance company. Know anybody who’s been downsized (euphemism for fired)? Then you’ll want to read this mystery without delay.

The Loves of Cinderella is not a mystery and therefore a word is in order about how this book came to be. A Hollywood Entertainment Company in the process of assembling the resources to film one of my mysteries contacted me with a proposal. They had a project concerning the iconic story of Cinderella which they wanted to turn into a film. However, it had been languishing on the back burner awaiting developmental attention. Having enjoyed my previous books which have been optioned, they asked if I would create a unique and contemporary version of Cinderella that would resonate with today’s viewing public.

Cinderella is a European folk tale which has been around for centuries. This beloved masterpiece is known around the world and has been translated into hundreds of languages in hundreds of countries. It has also been interpreted in scores of operas, ballets, books, theatrical productions, films, television, and songs. There is something timeless about a virtuous and innocent heroine whose talents and skills are unrecognized but who achieves success after a period of obscurity and neglect by overcoming obstacles through determination and dedication to her ideals.

Coming up with a new treatment of this revered fairy tale was a daunting challenge, but I prepared a proposal and submitted it to the project’s producers for their consideration. Their approval was quickly forthcoming and I was instructed to proceed with writing the novel which is serving as the basis for the movie’s screenplay. This novel is the result of that effort.

Dan currently resides in Henderson, NV and spends many of his waking hours lounging around his pool, puttering with his laptop and consuming pitchers of frosty margaritas. When not so engaged, he can be found wandering up and down the Las Vegas Strip interviewing demimondaines (gathering information for his books, of course).

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