“If you’ve ever mourned the decline of classic PI intrigues with their whip-sharp wit and atmospheric galleries of people and places, here is Dan Anderson resurrecting that Golden Age with a superb tour de force from sex to hi-tech mystery.  No flinching on this one, but the marriage of the sordid with elegant prose is delightfully effective.  Read and enjoy!”

Thomas Sullivan, Pulitzer-Prize nominee and author of THE WATER WOLF

Other Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars – Recommended Without ReservationMay 9, 2015
By Mystery Addict (Florida)

This review is from: The Loves of Cinderella (Kindle Edition)
This is a well-written and thoroughly entertaining book. This Cinderella has been fleshed out into a character anyone would care about. The dialog and scenery are first-rate and the sense of humor infectious. I would recommend without hesitation.

Captivating Book From Beginning to End

Boom Boom’ Saperstein, an exotic dancer at one of North Hollywood’s gentlemen’s clubs, is found dead floating in her bathtub. Electrocution by vibrator is the cause of death.

The concept of Dan Anderson’s Bad Vibrations is unique, fresh, and totally unexpected. Mr. Anderson has created a captivating book with interesting characters who are well motivated from the beginning to the end. The front cover is eye-catching, with the titillating image of a

woman on a stark white background. The title and author name are boldly displayed, making it easy for readers to locate. The blurb on the back is intriguing enough to compel readers to open the book, and the opening line will keep them turning pages. The characters are well drawn, and the dialogue is strong and natural to each person speaking.

—Writer’s Digest

Grabs Your Attention From the Very First Sentence

Chauncey McFadden, private investigator, is hired by Rubella Saperstein to find the killer of her niece, “Boom Boom.” With the police

not interested in the death of a stripper – it’s clear if justice is to be had, it will have to be bought and paid for. The incredibly wealthy Judge Barrington then hires McFadden when the Judge’s daughter, Justine, is also murdered by electrocution by vibrator. ‘Boom Boom’s’ roommate is

the next victim found murdered. McFadden’s homicide experience is limited… actually, non-existent. He’s a penny-ante player swept into a high-stakes game. He’s playing with the big boys now and needs to find the vibrator killer before they strike again and he finds himself sleeping with the fishes. With his number one suspect now a victim, he must look deeper for the common denominator.

Bad Vibrations is a very well-written and entertaining mystery. It is creative and humorous with McFadden’s wise-crack sense of humor and will have you laughing out loud several times throughout its pages. Bad Vibrations will grab your attention from the very first sentence hold it all the way to the shocking whodunit ending.


Bad Vibrations – 5 stars

I don’t usually read mysteries but a friend raved about the book so much I had to give it a try. Am I glad I did! Bad Vibrations is one super-funny, well-written piece of work. The crazy characters, beautiful scenery descriptions, and humor are woven into a fascinating plot. That bar scene in Long Beach is a classic. This is one of the most entertaining books I have read in some time, and I hope that more are to come. Get this author on Oprah.

A Mystery With Humor and Punch – 5 stars

Four young and attractive women are found murdered in a most bizarre manner (No, I won’t tell how), and the bored and stumbling cops don’t seem to have a clue. So, it is up to our hero and protagonist, Chauncey McFadden, private eye, to unravel the complex case. Unfortunately, Chauncey is not too swift himself, but as expected, he lurches forward and finally solves the murders after many detours into strip clubs and all night diners. This is a very funny (yet serious) novel by a new author. Chauncey is about 75% Guy Noir and 25% Mickey Spillane, so the reader has some idea of what a character this PI really is. The story is told in the first person through the eyes of Chauncey, which gives the novel a lot of added punch.

Wow! This Book Is a Rare Gem. I Am a Fan for Life

I picked up the book and was captivated from the first chapter. The turns and the twists of the plot were countless. The book was funny. The work is a cross of David Letterman, Get Smart and Sherlock Holmes wrapped up in a fun package. Recommended reading for anyone with a funny bone. Five stars.

PI Chauncey McFadden is at it again

PI Chauncey McFadden is at it again after being handed another assignment by a client that requires the utmost skill that only the rotund detective is capable of solving. Anyone who has worked in a large corporation will identify with the underlying themes and anyone who hasn’t will quickly learn the dangers that Chauncey will encounter as he comes to grips with who is involved in the mysterious disappearances and deaths of people in this new case.

Only Dan Anderson can bring sly humor and serious crime together in one delightful detective “who done it” novel. Death by Downsizing is a must read. Five Stars.


A Great Read

Death by Downsizing is my first Chauncey McFadden novel and it really delivered a good reading. The murder mystery plot keeps your interest throughout, as it develops and leads you in many different directions towards a surprising ending. But in addition to the overall plot, the story was filled with many funny quips and conversations that kept you finding something of interest on every page. And if you have ever been employed by a major corporation, you will find additional humor in the way the story unfolds and the side comments made throughout. Five stars.

―BobSRQ (FL)

Mystery Writing At Its Best

I was so excited to read another Chauncey McFadden mystery. And it certainly didn’t disappoint!! As usual the plot of Death by Downsizing has so many twists and turns that keep you guessing until all is revealed. This book is very well written as are the other books – “Bad Vibrations”, “Death Cruise”, and “Vietnam Vindication”. I would love to say that each book gets better and better but I cannot as each book is the best! If you enjoy humor, great vocabulary, mystery and suspense then you can’t go wrong with the Chauncey McFadden books.

By Sra Charo

I Urge Everyone To read This Book

The third book by Dan Anderson starring Chauncey McFadden doesn’t disappoint. The plot keeps twisting throughout the book and keeps you guessing until the reveal. Chauncey McFadden is a real character! The book is entertaining and well written. I urge everyone to read this and the other two Chauncey McFadden books, Bad Vibrations and Death Cruise. Am anxiously awaiting the next adventure of Chauncey McFadden!!!

Sra Charo

Funny and Fast Paced Reading

You just got to love PI Chauncey McFadden as he fools everyone into thinking he is just a dumb fat slob PI bumbling his way into solving a case that even James Bond would be proud of solving. Dodging hot babes and killers along the way, Chauncey proves he has what it takes to give the bad guys what they have coming to them. Funny and fast paced reading how could any lover of crime novels not love Chauncey and friends as they fight the bad guys.


Author Dan Anderson’s mysteries are among the best written today and they keep getting better if possible.

This review is from: Death by Downsizing (Paperback)

Author Dan Anderson’s mysteries are among the best written today and they keep getting better if possible. In this release, the ex-employees of a large insurance company are getting systematically murdered and no one can figure out how they are connected. Everyone except PI Chauncey McFadden, probably the most original gumshoe in writing today. This book has all the fantastic writing that readers have come to expect from Anderson – the uproarious humor, the character sketches that will have you in stitches, dialog that is so clever it jumps off the page and twisting, turning plot lines that leave you guessing until the very end who the serial killer is. If you haven’t tried one of Anderson’s mysteries, I would suggest you run, not walk, to your bookstore. This masterpiece is highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed and yiou’ll find yourself raving about Anderson’s books like all his faithful fan base.
Mystery Addict (Florida) October 27, 2014

Mysteries simply don’t get any better than this

This review is from: Vietnam Vindication (Paperback)
Mysteries simply don’t get any better than this. Someone is killing members of an army squad that served in the Vietnam war and PI Chauncey McFadden risks life and limb to stop the vicious serial killer before the body count continues to escalate. This is an exrremely well-written, well-thought-out book that will leave you breathless. The writing exeeds anythinng you will find in the genre today and the author’s sense of humor will keep you laughing out loud and the plot will keep you guessing. I wish Anderson could turn our more novels because his books are much more than beach reading. They are serious works of literary merit that just happen to be mysteries.Give yourself a present you’ll never forget. Try Vietnam Vindication.​
Mystery Addict (Florida)  October 27, 2014​

The following book review appeared in the January 2011 edition of The Infinite Writer magazine which also made it a Book of the Month selection.

“Every now and again a writer comes on the scene with a voice and style that is uniquely his. Author Dan Anderson is, happily, one of these. In his new book, Death Cruise, second in the Chauncey McFadden series, it is obvious why Dan is considered one of the most fascinating and entertaining voices in the mystery field today.

“Death Cruise follows in the award-winning tradition of the first Chauncey McFadden novel, Bad Vibrations, which won numerous literary awards including the FWA Royal Palm Award, the Books & Authors Murder Mystery Book of the Year, the Independent Publishers IPPY Book Award–Silver Medal, Best Regional Fiction and the Royal Dragonfly Book Award-2nd Place, Mystery. His latest offering is destined to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps.

“The opening line grabs the reader’s attention and urges him to turn page after page. There is never a let-down. Anderson’s descriptions and imagery fire the imagination and set the reader right in the middle of the action. He is a master of combining edge of the seat mystery with hilarious asides that temper the graphic descriptions. This reader may never again look at a chicken the same way.

“Chauncey McFadden, a rotund Los Angeles P.I. receives a frantic phone call from the president of a Miami-based cruise line. Two employees have been killed in port and Chauncey is hired to solve the crime and prevent further atrocities. The portly, wisecracking Chauncey has limited homicide experience, but naively accepts this job thinking it will be little more than a free vacation. However, things quickly fall apart as the body count climbs on board ship and in Caribbean islands ports of call. A shipment of drugs being smuggled into Miami disappeaars from the ship before its delivery, which unleashes a vengeful vendetta upon everyone in its path.

Avid Mystery Reader

This review is from: Death Cruise: A Chauncey McFadden Mystery (Chauncey McFadden Mysteries) (Paperback) When two of his employees are mysteriously killed, the president of a Miami-based cruise line places a frantic call to private detective Chauncey McFadden, desperate to hire him to solve the crime. Even though he has limited experience with homicides, Chauncey gladly accepts the offer, thinking that the job will amount to little more than a free vacation; however, when he crosses paths with the likes of an international assassin, a corporate takeover artist, and a voodoo-based drug-smuggling cartel, the low-rent detective soon realizes that his latest venture will be anything but relaxing…

Death Cruise is a thoroughly entertaining crime thriller. Through a skillful combination of intersecting plotlines and unsavory – though highly irresistible – characters, author Dan Anderson presents the reader with a deliciously intriguing case of whodunit set on the high seas. With the bulk of the story carried on his stout, portly shoulders, Chauncey serves as quite the compelling protagonist, one who may appear more like a league bowler than an ace detective – but whose intelligence and crime-solving prowess cannot be denied. Deftly suspenseful – and surprisingly humorous – Death Cruise is a standout mystery read. Highly recommended.

Apex Review

This review is from: Death Cruise (Kindle Edition) I just read the e-book version of Death Cruise and it is fantastic. His characters are so vividly drawn that they jump right off the page, and the writing exceeds anything else you’ll find in the genre. I’ll give you an example. Chauncey, the PI, meets an attractive Miami police officer in her office and describes her departing figure as follows: “Following her was not hard duty. She had long, well-toned legs, a compact derriere, and a walk that would have diverted any randy Hamlin rat from the Pied Piper’s entourage.” The book sparkles with such descriptions. The humor is infectious and enlivens the text immeasurably. His books always begin with a captivating sentence that immediately captures your attention and don’t let go until you reach the last page.

In Death Cruise, the CEO of a Miami-based cruise line calls Chauncey to investigate the murder of a couple of cruise line employees in port, and prevent further promised murders at the hands of a mysterious caller named Zunimba. Chauncey barely gets aboard when the bodies begin to pile up on the ship and on Caribbean islands. Anderson’s description of Chauncey’s fellow passengers are priceless and will have you in stitches. He is either an experienced cruise passenger or else has done his research well. You will learn more about cruising reading this book than by actually taking a cruise. I won’t give anything else away. You’ll have to read Death Cruise for yourself. I run across very few books that entertain me so thoroughly. My only complaint is that Mr. Anderson can’t turn out a book every month. I am a fan for life and recommend Death Cruise without reservation.

Mystery Addict

“Woman Murdered with Vibrator”… a hilarious way to start the story, and the humorous twists and turns just keep coming with every flip of the page as author Dan Anderson takes readers through the daily life of a second-rate private detective.

The main character of Bad Vibrations is Chauncey McFadden-a short, balding PI with no money in his pockets until an amazing stroke of luck lands him in the middle of one of the most bizarre murder cases in the history of southern California. Within the same week, two unrelated and entirely different individuals hire McFadden to solve the murders of female family members. While searching for clues, Chauncey discovers that the victims have more in common than their means of demise and a frighteningly funny tale begins to unfold.

McFadden is required to visit seedy motels, brave his way into conversations with the owner of the Glad Gland strip joint, and stand up to Lieutenant Del Dotto of the L.A. police department in his search for clues. With his reputation, and sometimes his life, on the line, McFadden struggles to find the connections between the murders he was hired to solve and the deaths that are continuing to occur.

Not a book for the easily embarrassed reader, Bad Vibrations is filled with adult humor and quirky scenarios. Anderson vividly describes his colorful assortment of characters and gives each their own distinct personality. I especially enjoyed the forgetful butler, Montrose, who never seems to remember what was just said in a conversation yet has an uncanny ability to describe past events from his murdered mistress’s young years.

Author Dan Anderson has combined his love of comedy and mystery into an original work of art in Bad Vibrations. He currently resides in Henderson, Nevada.

Armchair Interviews (Minneapolis, MN) 

“Woman murdered with vibrator.” That’s how Bad Vibrations opens and with your attention captured, it never lets go. This book is, without a doubt, one of the funnies mysteries I have ever read. The humor is great, the characters are vividly drawn and the conversational exchanges will put you in stitches. You simply can’t put the book down once you start reading it. The dialog is mesmerizing and catchy; it reminds me of Raymond Chandler in places. You get a double bonus-the book is very well written as well. The scenic descriptions of the Los Angeles area are beautifully painted and riveting. There are a number of scenes that you will reread several times because they are so poignant. I hope there are more Chauncey McFadden mysteries to come. This is a very original, creative piece of work.

A solid and unique mystery, November 10, 2008

Mystery Addict (Florida)

This review is from: Bad Vibrations (Paperback)

Murder isn’t funny, but someone is obsessed with making it so. Bad Vibrations is about a serial killer who only targets women and does so in a way most would deem . . . strange at best. Chauncey McFadden is charged with hunting down the monster, but must cut through a strange and entertaining cast of characters on both sides of the law. Hilarious and gripping, Bad Vibrations is a solid and unique mystery, recommended.

A Great Whodunnit, October 8, 2008

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

This review is from: Bad Vibrations (Paperback)

A wonderfully written book that will have you scratching your head trying to figure out just who is the murderer. Written in the grand style of a Christie novel, yet with a contemporary twist similar to Stuart Woods book. Like Woods, Mr. Anderson has written in his share of zany characters, not the least of which is Chauncey McFadden, an odd duck to be sure. It takes a chapter or so to understand the protagonist, but then you’ll soon feel right at home with him, silently urging him take the correct path in the murderous maze. A good mystery in need of a sequel.

A great read!, January 9, 2011

John J. White “J J White” (Merritt Island, Florida)

This review is from: Death Cruise: A Chauncey McFadden Mystery (Chauncey McFadden Mysteries) (Paperback)

Dan Anderson served in Vietnam with the Americal Infantry Division. He is also a former executive with a world-class financial company. Writing is his post-retirement pursuit, and he has already garnered several awards: the Independent Publishers IPPY Book Award in 2009; the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Award in 2008; and the Books and Authors – Murder Mystery of the Year 2008.

PI Chauncey McFadden doesn’t present as your typical private eye. He looks more like a chunky college professor than Humphrey Bogart. But his brainpower is on par with Nero Wolff without the name recognition. Needless to say, after his first modest success as a P.I., he is called upon to investigate a rather nasty murder that has taken place aboard a cruise ship. Part of the deal includes bringing along his girlfriend, who shares his love of food. Her name is Girtha, a tongue-in-cheek handle, and she loves to shop:

“When I got back to the room, I found Girtha sprawled in a chair in front of the air conditioner, fanning herself with a magazine and taking sips from a small paper cup. I marveled at the collection of department store bags scattered around the room. ‘Finish your shopping?’

‘I just got in. That spree almost did me in,’ she gasped. ‘The temperature is the same as L.A., but the humidity is murder. I’d barely gotten ten feet from the hotel when it felt as if someone had set off a sprinkler system inside my clothes.'”

Dan Anderson’s characters form the cornerstone of his writing. The bad guys are SO bad. Unsavory characters plague even the ship’s staff. Anderson’s plot operates on many levels simultaneously. In the midst of all this “badness,” Anderson manages to take his readers on an entertaining cruise. Attention to details of the ship’s routine adds icing to the cake.

Death Cruise is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Anderson has a great sense of humor, as well as a flair for the macabre. He is an excellent writer with a thorough understanding of the vagaries of our fellow human beings. A great read!

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

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