Top Ten Things To Know About Dan


10.  He likes to collect old mysteries. He has amassed a collection of over a thousand, many are first editions signed by the author and some date back to the turn of the 20th century.

9.   He is believed to be the only person from Vidalia, GA to ever have a book published (this has not been verified by South Georgia historians, however).

8.  He wears his Vietnam Veteran cap whenever he’s outdoors. He is a big supporter of veteran groups and veteran support programs. His book, Vietnam Vindication, is detective suspense fiction spurred by his service with the Americal Infantry Division.

7.   Like Stephen King, he writes all his books in two drafts. Now if he could only emulate Mr. King’s success!

6.   He likes to travel. He and his wife, Virginia, have been in all 50 states. He loves driving scenic roads such as the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Barbara to San Francisco, the Road to Hana in Kawaii, Hawaii, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Route 66.

5.   He is a devoted fan of mysteries. Other than his own inimitable novels, he prefers mystery writers from yesteryear such as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Ross McDonald, John McDonald, Ellery Queen, Rex Stout, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Cornell Woolrich, Ear Derr Biggers (Charlie Chan), Patricia Highsmith, Dick Francis, Ngaio Marsh, Arthur Conan Doyle, P. D. James, Margery Allingham, Eric Ambler, James Cain, John Dickson Carr, and Mary Robert Rinehart.

4.   If you want to see him cry, show him a film featuring dogs and their heroism on behalf of their masters. If you want to see him angry, tell him about incidents involving animal cruelty.

3.   His favorite music is classical, Motown, and the blues. His favorite instrumentalist is blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa. His favorite rock group is Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band, and .38 Special.

2.   He doesn’t drink except when he goes to a fine steakhouse with his wife to have a sizzling, well-marbled cowboy ribeye. Then he’ll have a Zinfandel, but it has to be full-bodied, powerful and nasty.

1.   He loves poetry because the metaphors and similies provide him with literary inspiration which he adapts to enrich his dialog and scenery descriptions. His favorite poet is Philip Larkin who once said, “Deprivation is to me what daffodils were to Wordsworth.”

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